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I am a 501c3…Be Part of the Solution…

Hey FB Fam,

Yours truly here in Sac today, SUNDAY 12/19/21 promoting my Brand and App for H.E.S.P Mental Health & Wellness …come show some love if you can. I will also be collecting gifts and donations for this TOY DRIVE I’m doing…#queenssupportqueens

Share This and or come Out and Support.

My Girl Cre D Masters also in the spot with her Business Brand and Product Demos…come and show Love.

Be Blessed Everyone.

Here’s what’s needed still:

It’s not a game…
My help is REAL!
I still need more…

Please consider donating and sponsoring a Family.

  • girl age 7
    kids fire tablet, Clothes sizes 5/6 & 7/8, Underclothes, Socks, Pj’s, Hats.
    Coats/Sweaters/winter gear, Lol Dolls, Academic Games
  • 11yr old girl
    Under garments, Bra 34D, Medium Women Clothing, Large undies, Any Electronics
    Socks, Sweatpants (outfits), Skates size 12 and 13 for 2 girls
  • 3yrs old boy, Size 4T
    Socks, T-shirts, Clothes, Any Motor cars, trucks cycles
  • girl age 10
    like diary jojo Siwa
  • Male age 17
    Gift card, nike shirt socks he is a xl in men, wear size 13 in shoe he like, PlayStation games or controller for PlayStation 4 he is into, the 49ers and Warriors, Groceries: (Gave $40 in gift cards but can use more), any food is always good chicken etc all food is welcome except turkey
  • 2 girls 2nd & 4th grade
    rainbow high doll house, BOYS Size clothes:, my boys clothes size is pants 34,32 both boys there shirts is is Large, GIRLS SIZE CLOTHES:, shirts my girls size 12 in pants shirts Large, pants size is 16 shirts Large
  • 2nd grade, Girl (Size 14-16)
    Shopkins, Doll Head (to comb hair)
  • 8th grade, Male (Size 28 pant, Men Small Shirts and X-Large if Boys)
    Pant (Likes the ones skinny fit and ripped look), Shirts, PS4 Games, PS4 Controller
  • Grade 8th, Age 13 Girl
    Tennis Shoes for School (White & Green Nike), Size 9.5 Women, Socks, CBA Uniform T-Shirt, Size Medium
  • Grade 3, Age 8 Boy
    Size 3 Boys Shoes, Clothes, Size 10, Jacket, Size 10, Pokemon Toys
  • Age 4, Boy
    Size 6 Clothes, Size 13 Shoes, Toys-Transformers, Pop Its, Avengers
    Kinder & 1st grade girls:
    Groceries (No Exclusions)
  • Kindergarten, Age 6 Male
    Size 7 Clothes, Dinosaur Toys
  • 4th Grade Age 10 Male
    Video Games for PS4 or PS5, PS5 Controller, Bike
  • 8th Grade, Age 13 Male
    Gaming/Electronics, Clothing (Size 18-20, larger end preferable for Pant, XL Shirts, Smell Goods (Self Care Hygiene kits)
  • 7th grade/12 year old male
    Anything Basketball Related
    Twin Bed (All Components) for 12 yr old male (Currently has sheets only/Sailor Blue, Grey and white Theme)