This is My StorY

My Origin Story

Growing up semi-poor, right in the heart of the “Iron Triangle” of Richmond, California, I watched my mother struggle in seemingly, every aspect of her life -financially, mentally, spiritually & physically. I remember, at one point, we were even homeless & The West County Times did a story on me & my “resilience through adversities”.

Being resilient is something I’ve had to become over time, I’ve had to step up and not do what I wanted but do what I had to. Learning what works, and what doesn’t.

I know what it is like to suffer through hard times, as well as watch others do the same.

Kimberly Today

I have blossomed from that very shy, introverted little girl, into the outspoken & confident woman I am today and bring my confidence, my experience and “step back, speak up” attitude, that shows up in everything I do in my daily life.

As years pass, I witness friends, family & strangers suffering with varying mental illnesses. From depression, to PTSD, Bi-Polar Disorders, Alcohol and Drug Addition.

Seeing others not knowing where to start, not knowing what to do & constantly struggling with obtaining adequate mental health resources is upsetting & all too familiar to me!

Where HESP was born

I choose to spend time working on activities & causes that help other people, such as working with the children from the same neighborhood that I grew up in, with an After School Program, that I supervise.

I do this because I wish that other people could have given me that guidance.  Running the program with my whole heart, gives the children all the tools & opportunities they need. I am there for them.

I am also a proud mother, with 2 beautiful sons, one of which struggles from the same mental illness as my mother once did. My son & I have received the same “run-around” as others, while trying to establish care for his mental health.

The eternal, repetitive system of – calling this number, then calling that number – to no avail often deters people, and is all too common – which may result in disaster – especially when someone is struggling.


From this frustration, HESP was born.

In honor of both my Mother & my Son, & also to empower so many others like them, I am creating this APP & platform with the goal of helping everyone who struggles with their mental health, for those who have concerns & find it difficult to attain adequate resources for their overall general wellness.

Together, we can Help Every Single Person (HESP)


Kimberly Lewis